There is no substitute for experience

Southwest Stone Masonry LLC
Steeped in generational traditon and over 40 years in the making, the Cox Family has dedicated their lives to the fine art of masonry. Similar to ancestors before him, Eddie Cox, President of Southwest Stone, has continued on with the profoundly important family legacy by literally building it one stone at a time. Now, with his sons working with him side by side, the tradition of masonry exellence in the Cox Family continues to live on for new generations to come.  For the Cox's, it is a tradition that is grounded in the timeless knowledge of the craft, a passion for distinctive stone, and an unstoppable desire to continue learning that has literally taken Eddie on travels around the world. With a strong work ethic, superior craftsmanship of stone that competitors try in vain to match, and a pride in their family's devotion to masonry; the Cox Family persists in their efforts to provide only the highest quality stone available in North America.